Swimming in this Real Thing

On Monday I am going to start my first Anusara Teacher Training in San Francisco, CA. When I started my apprenticeship with Sianna Sherman a few months back she said to me, “get ready for a crazy ride”. Sianna wasn’t talking about this. Late last week the fastest growing style of yoga took an excessively dramatic turn into telenovela territory. The internet is aflame in a haze of digital tapasya, or, transformational fire. Anusara, as a corporation (sole propiortership) appears to be radically restructuring with an intention to give much greater power to its group of Certified Teachers. John has decided to press on and teach his “Dharma of Relationship” workshop to advanced students in Miami next week. You can’t make this up. Many people are attending, many who had plans to attend have canceled. While I empathize with John’s pain during what must be the most trying of times, it is precisely THIS moment when true change in a person or an organization can occur. The onus does not simply fall on John’s shoulders though his willingness to man up is essential.

Each member of the Anuara kula that John likes to call his “merry band of bohemian artists”, has an opportunity to make influential, progressive and grown-up choices about the hardest of tasks, personal growth. When the shit hits the fan, there is absolutely nothing that can substitute for humility, truth, integrity and a willingness to listen. Disillusion, as one of Shiva’s five acts, sucks but our lowest point holds the greatest potential.

Here I go, jumping into a world of travel, yoga, and deep studentship into the radically shifting waters of a “style” that has seen the resignation of a growing list of high profile teachers. Sianna, as one of the most highly respected and stunningly skilled teachers I have ever witnessed is not among them. I am unconcerned with the label of “Anusara”. I know what I feel when I study with Sianna and the only name I can give it is “me”.  She is a living embodiement of radically affirmative Tantric teachings that deeply honor our shadow side. I am simply looking for authenticity on this ride. With clear eyes and a full heart I ask, Can I bring a few companions on this ride? 


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